Company Profile

In high technology industries such as semi-conductors, disk drives and microelectronics, sub-micron particles can reduce production yield and affect product quality.

Similarly, in pharmaceuticals, food processing and biotechnology, micro-organisms are the biggest threat to product quality and personnel safety.

One of the critical success factors for these industries is good design, proper installation and efficient maintenance for their cleanroom facilities.

For over 15 years, Viron Technology Sdn Bhd (Viron) has been providing total solutions to various multinational and local manufacturers and organizations for their cleanroom facilities installation and services.

Our Vision

To provide satisfactory and value added cleanroom solutions for every industry.

Our Mission
To be a leading provider of cleanroom solutions in the South East Asia region.

About Us

At Viron, our business success is based on the following core strengths:

Design & Build

• Understand customers needs and meeting regulatory requirements
• Provide optimal design and inputs
• Promote latest technology and industrial trends
• Assure reliability and perpetuity of parts and technology
• Provide complete drawings and documentation support
• Ensure quality material and workmanship
• Ensure On Time Delivery
• Comply to safety standards


• Provide consultancy in layout planning, industrial practices, regulatory requirements
• Working hand in hand with architects and professional engineers


• Provide pre-sale technical support
• Provide after-sale customer service and technical support
• Provide products, procedures and maintenance training program
• Assist clients in procuring parts and maintenance


Our Services

High Technology Industries

Viron’s customers include various manufacturers and support providers to high technology industries such as Microelectronics, Disk Drives, Semiconductors and Optical products.

Cleanrooms for these industries are often associated with laminar flow design, ceiling grid system, HEPA/ULPA fan filter modules, raised access floor, return air chase and tear drop lighting.

The cleanroom facilities built by Viron conform to international standards such as the ISO 14644-1 and US Federal Standard 209E.

Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing Industries

Viron has many years experience in providing services and solutions for pharmaceuticals, health supplementary and food manufacturing industries.

In these industries, the design of the cleanrooms complies with the concept of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which requires smooth and seamless finishing of every surface in the rooms. Corners or dead spots are eliminated by incorporating rounded coves. Viewing glass panels and doors must meet GMP guidelines.